Custom JL Ring Design with Tarnishing


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This is an artistic take inspired by the new JL Ring Story that will be played out on the silver screen. The rings band has been modeled to represent metal plating with rivets. This gives the ring a more industrial look and compliments the tarnish effect we do on the Sterling Silver to help the details pop. It is custom made to order item and no two rings are exactly a like making them one of a kind pieces to add to your collection. We offer it in an Oxidized .925 Sterling Silver giving it a unique finish that will sure to be a conversation piece for years to come. Due to the overwhelming response of our customs we are about a 3 week turnaround but that just shows how much people enjoy our work!

Who we are: Batjeepster Rings is not a merchandiser. We are two guys who work day jobs and do this work in our spare time. We create these pieces as our form of art. When you purchase one you are commissioning us to create a wearable piece of art. Much like hiring an artist to draw you a portrait. Thats who we are artists. We create pieces for our clients based off there love of whatever it is they want. These items are not some shelves in a back room. Each one is created for the client and thus each ring is unique. With that said its also true that we work as hard as we can to create these pieces for the client but like any form of art these things take time. Hence each item usually takes a few weeks on average.

Also please be sure to get properly sized at a local jeweler. Holding your finger to a screen or wrapping a string around your finger doesn't count. Most of our art can't be resized and we can't resize a piece. The only way to create a new size is to forge a new ring. And this will incur a fee as each piece is a one off.

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